Modern Bluegrass and Americana

  1. Whiskey Wednesdays: Blocks and Breaks

    Spring is here and in its honor we give you a track about summer. True story: David woke up from a nap one afternoon humming this tune. We recorded it on our second album and named it after one of our favorite places. Hit the jump to hear “Block Island”.

  2. Whiskey Wednesdays: Hangovers and House Concerts

    This cop-out post brought to you by The Week After St. Patrick’s Day. A few months ago we recorded a house-concert in Connecticut at the home of our friends Emily and Zac. We used Google+’s fabulous Hangouts On Air feature to live-stream the concert to the internet, and then save it forever our YouTube channel. Hit

  3. Whiskey Wednesdays: Banshees and Bars

    Is it Wednesday again already? This week kicks off the St. Patrick’s Day tour we’ve been unable to shut up about with two great shows at two great bars in Connecticut and one of our favorite Irish tunes from our first album. Hit the jump to listen to The Banshee!

  4. Whiskey Wednesdays: Bottles and Boy Bands

    Ahh it’s Whiskey Wednesdays again and this week we have a little number from our second album entitled Rolling Rock Bottle. Fun fact, this song won “Most Romantic” from the Unofficial Boy Band Competition at the Clifftop Music Festival in West Virginia. Check it out after the jump!

  5. Whiskey Wednesdays: Pirates and Photos

    Welcome back to Whiskey Wednesdays! This week we have a classic cut off our first album, the chilling pirate epic Never Return to the Sea. Check it out after the jump!

  6. Whiskey Wednesdays: Saviors, St. Patrick, and Social Media

    Welcome to Whiskey Wednesdays, our hopefully-every-week feature about what’s up with the Whiskey Boys. Each week we’ll share some music, some details of what’s going on with the Boys lately, and whatever else might be relevant to you, our dear readers and fans. First off, we have a track from our second album, a crowd

  7. Banks of the Ohio

    Mark sings a tragic song of love and murder! An oddly common mix in the folk tradition.

  8. Oh My Darlin’

    Mark sings his classic song from our first album, “Mary Come to Boston,” about love and the end of the world. Buy the studio version here!