Modern Bluegrass and Americana

We’re glad you asked! A house concert is exactly what it sounds like, a concert in your house! The Whiskey Boys will travel to your house and play for you, your friends and your family.
Absolutely not. The people will be in your house will be people you’ve invited and with whom you feel comfortable. Alcohol will only be available if you choose to provide it.
It will be no noisier than a room full of your friends talking when we’re not playing and 2 acoustic instruments and 2 voices while we are playing. If you are worried about noise, consider having a concert on a weekend afternoon instead of the evening!
We ask that you mention in your invitation to the concert that there is a suggested donation of $10 to the performers. If you think that our show will be worth more than $10 to your guests, please suggest any amount, $10 or more.
To provide a space for us to perform, a space for the audience to sit or stand and to invite everyone you know who might enjoy our music. Some hosts choose to provide food and drinks for their guests but this is not a requirement for us to perform!
Worry not! The Whiskey Boys are happy to play for any number of people.
We’ll happily journey to anywhere in MA, CT, NY, NJ, VT, NH or ME. We’d love to have a conversation with anyone hoping to host a concert in another state. We perform frequently all over New England so if we’re nearby because of another performance we’d be delighted to play for you.
Only if you’re comfortable with that. If you say it’s alright we will advertise the concert to our fans on our website, Facebook and Twitter. We will never make your address public, however. Anyone wishing to attend the concert would be required to RSVP to us, and then we will forward them the address.