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Red Line Roots Review!

Brian Carroll of Red Line Roots music blog wrote a very nice piece about us before we played their 2 year anniversary show a couple weeks back; we’re going to be posting some pictures and videos in the next few days. In the mean time Check the review out here or below and check us out at Club Passim on March 19th. We’re playing with Molly Pinto Madigan!


My wife and I have differing tastes when it comes to music. Sure, we enjoy a lot of the safe stuff, even tolerate the stuff each other listen to that the other doesn’t necessarily like. There are few bands that the two of us absolutely love, The Whiskey Boys are one of those very few.

With a “Punch Brothers”-esque style, focused on musicianship and arrangements that many other artists are intimidated by, The Whiskey Boys are a force of nature…bluegrass nature. There is a pop sentiment to much of David Delaney’s writing style. You can latch on to a phrasing or a chorus easily, but that’s where the easiness ends. Each solo break, having 4 instruments playing very differing parts in an organized chaos that is purely brilliant. Each and every member of the group is a well accomplished, brilliant and incredible master of their instruments. But together, it’s really something to marvel at.

All that talent on one stage could get a bit competitive, but the shows these guys play are always incredibly fun. They love making music together and it shows.

Get ready to get down with The Whiskey Boys this Saturday at the Lizard Lounge. The bluegrass music…on steroids.